Wildlife in Sandy Point

Sandy Point wouldn’t be the same without its wildlife - koalas, echidnas, wombats, possums and other native animals, together with an amazing range of birdlife.   In September 2017, the Sandy Point Community Group, on behalf of the Sandy Point community, were awarded a $50,000 grant from the Victoria Government. The 3-year project aimed to:

To read about the results of this project see our page on the Sandy Point Koala Action Project (WHiSPA group)

What will happen now for our koalas and other wildlife?

At the end of this very successful 3-year project, a new group WISP (Wildlife in Sandy Point) has been created to progress the work of the 2017 Koala Project and the already established animal rescue program.  This group will have a broader perspective and include all wildlife and their habitat.

The role of WiSP is evolving as the scope of influence broadens.  However we will reflect and incorporate the Koala Project’s Action Plan and aim to bolster the rescue program.  We’re looking for a whole of community and visitor approach.   Therefore there will be exciting ways to be involved.

What you can do and how you can get involved

Bank details:

Bank: Bendigo

Name: SPCG Koala Account

BSB: 63300

Acct: 161 432 976

You can download a copy here of our brochure with more information on how you can get involved.

Contact us at sandypointkoalas@gmail.com .

Minutes of  WiSP meetings

So what’s injuring and killing our wildlife?

Some of our wildlife have been injured and even killed by dog attacks and also by cars driving too fast around the township, so please keep your dogs inside at night and drive carefully, especially after dark when koalas and wombats are usually moving around their range.

The main focus of concern over recent years, however, has been mange. Koalas, wombats and even possums can contract mange. Wombats and possums we believe are in fact a primary source of infection for koalas. This has resulted in about 18 koalas having to be euthanised over 2016/18.

Mange is an infestation of the mange mite which burrows under the skin of an animal depositing its eggs and causing intense discomfort.  If left untreated it will lead to a slow and agonising death for the animal.

If you see a koala or a wombat acting strangely, wandering around in daylight hours, or looking at all mangy, please let the contact listed below know. They will arrange for the animal to be picked up by a wildlife carer and treatment to be started immediately. Apparently time really counts for the successful treatment of this disease.

Our brochure A Guide to Living with Koalas in Sandy Point  has more information about the problems affecting koalas in Sandy Point and how to deal with them.

A fridge magnet with details of who to call  in a wildlife emergency is available free of charge from the Sandy Point General Store. Please pick one up and leave it on your fridge for everyone to see when needed.

We’ve created a brochure containing information about living with koalas in Sandy Point, including explaining the threats, tips for koala-friendly yards and what and when to plant trees suitable for koalas. It also tells you what to do and who to ring if you find a sick or injured koala. You can download a web version of the brochure.