Beach Wheelchair

Following our successful application for a grant to purchase a beach wheelchair we are delighted to announce that we finally have finally taken delivery of our very own beach wheelchair.

We received $2200 from South Gippsland Shire Council’s Community Grants Program towards purchasing the chair and a further $500 from the Access and Inclusion Department of the South Gippsland Shire Council, which enabled us to buy a sling to help move people into the chair. The Sandy Point Community Group provided the remainder of the total cost of $5048.

The wheelchair will be for use not only by those people living with a disability but also those people, often elderly, who just find it too hard to walk over the soft sand to the beach.

We anticipate that the wheelchair will be available from Boxing Day onwards.

You will need to complete a Conditions of Use form and a User Registration Form, which you can do on the day, when you pick up the wheelchair. Alternatively you can download them here and complete them before you come.

There are also some safety instructions that you should read before using the chair. These will be explained to you when you pick up the chair but you can also download and read these beforehand.

Who can use the beach wheelchair?

  1. Consultation with a health professional should occur prior to use of the beach wheelchair if a person has balance or sitting difficulties or if the person is prone to pressure sores or pain conditions.
  2. Persons or carers must take into consideration any specific issues relating to the persons disability, which may affect the use of the beach wheelchair.
  3. The beach wheelchair is designed to be pushed by someone other than the person sitting in it. Users should not try to maneuver it on their own.
  4. Maximum weight limit is 150 kgs.

Conditions of Hire

  1. Bookings are for one day use only.
  1. Please note that the wheelchair is for use only at Sandy Point.
  2. Applicants must read and complete the Terms and Conditions of Use form.
  3. Applicants must provide a driver’s licence, pensioner concession card or other form of photo identification.
  4. Applicants must read the Safety Instructions provided with the chair.
  5. After use, applicants must check that the beach wheelchair is in good working order and that it has been washed down with fresh water after use.

Download a copy of the Beach Wheelchair:

To make a booking

  1. Firstly, check availability on our calendar. We suggest you check the tide times on the day as well.
  1. Ring one of our Bookings Officers, Di on 0437392277  or Wendy on 0467970707 to make the booking
  2. Organise at least two carers to assist you on the day.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions of Use form. You will be required to sign this when you collect the wheelchair.
  4. Complete the User Registration Form and return it to the Bookings Officer by email to, by mailing to Sandy Point Community Group, Beach Wheelchair Bookings, c/- Post Office, Sandy Point, Vic 3959, or bring with you on the day.