Community Garden

After many applications and requests for Council vacant land within the township for the establishment of our Community Garden, which were all unsuccessful, members of the Sandy Point Community Group committee identified a suitable space to accommodate 4 – 6 wicking beds within the boundaries of the Community play park on the corner of Ocean View Parade and Surfers Walk.

We recently submitted a new application to Council and, to our great excitement, Council has approved our application.

Now, the hard work begins, as there are many gardeners within the Community that have been looking forward to create a Community Garden.

The ethos behind this is to attract like-minded plant growing enthusiasts to get together to create a food producing hub that the whole community, kids included, can share, learn and enjoy.

The SPCG will be forming a sub-committee to oversee the process ahead and we will keep you posted.

More information about  our community garden

The community garden would take the form of wicking beds; therefore, enhancing manageability, minimising space required, avoiding impact and contamination of the area, while optimising productivity.

A range of existing resources will be drawn upon to establish and manage the community garden, including the Sandy Point Community Group, Men’s Shed, Narkabundah Wild Flower Nursery and local residents who have expressed a commitment to supporting a community garden as part of a more holistic sustainable lifestyle.

Wicking beds

A wicking bed is free-standing, fully contained raised garden bed with a water reservoir below the level of soil. Water is drawn up from the reservoir to the soil above through a capillary or wicking action.

Moisture level in the soil is maintained at a constant rate over an extended period of time, minimising the need to add water whilst distributing moisture and providing better growing conditions for plants.

Benefits to wicking beds:

An example of a wicking bed system is illustrated in the diagram below