Results of the Online Survey (As at 29 January 2020)

In late 2019, we set up a short online survey  to try to gauge the interest within the Sandy Point Community to the idea of  Renewable Energy projects here. We now have the results of this survey for you to look at.

Thank you to all those who took the time to complete the survey. It has given us some valuable information to use in framing potential projects for the future.

Download and read a summary of the responses we received

Public Meeting

We will be holding a public meeting in the New Year to discuss the possible options with the community. We’ll confirm a date and time as soon as possible. So please keep an eye on this webpage and also on the SPCG Facebook page at

Our small committee meets as and when members are in town. We would certainly encourage anyone with an interest in participating in the project to contact us via and watch this space.


Over the last year, a group of enthusiastic proponents have been investigating the idea of a CORE (Community Owned Renewable Energy) project for Sandy Point. Our small committee is continuing to gather information in this rapidly changing world to try to develop a suitable project.

Good progress has been made in pursuing this exciting initiative. We have had some preliminary meetings with advocates in the space and they have strongly encouraged us to continue with our efforts. Reassuringly they also point to many other successful projects of the scale that we are contemplating.

Following on from the early workshops attended by our sub-committee members we continue to gather as much information as we can to move the project forward.

A first step

As a first step, we are investigating the opportunities to install PV panels on available roof areas within the township. These, together with battery storage and, potentially, charging points for Electric Vehicles (EVs) could form the basis of an initial community project. Such an installation would provide a potential revenue source for Community projects and environmental benefits. It’s early days yet and there are numerous details to work through, multiple organisations to get on board and of course the perennial problem of funding but it’s a starting point for what could become a community-wide project.

A Community Energy Project for Sandy Point

Further Reading

If you wish to do any further reading here are some interesting websites to follow up on: rk-Mini-Grid-Project