The next Koala Count will take place on Sunday 31 October 2021. We’ll be sending out another email about this before the event. Please email us at if you’d like to be involved.

2019 Koala Count

The 2019 Koala Count was held on Saturday 5th October. What a fantastic turnout at the koala count there was. A huge thank you to every single one of the 75 wonderful volunteers who came along to help search for our furry friends. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Looks like 30 koalas counted were counted on the day, including four mums with joeys.

Amazing work, everyone!

Top left:  Sue Moore was one of the guest speakers after the Count was completed

Top right: Phil Cornwell presents local Wildlife Carer Sue Moore with a cheque for $600 donated by the Sandy Point Music Club

Below right: Some of the koalas sighted during the count.


Sandy Point Koala Counts

2017 Koala Count

At a community koala count in September 2017, volunteers counted 31 koalas (Here’s a map showing where we found them).

Our community koala count in 2017 was a fantastic day, with over 50 people turning out to help with koala spotting all over town.

1999 Koala Count

The first koala count was held in September 1999. It was in the form of a questionaire rather than the current method of volunteers
walking around Sandy Point counting the koalas they see. The survey form and results make interesting reading.

Lots is being done to protect Sandy Point koalas! (see more here:
A really important part of looking after our koalas is understanding the size & health of the population and \ tracking any changes over time.

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