Sandy Point Community Group Newsletter

The newsletter is published quarterly, usually at the beginning of the school holidays. If you are a member of the Community Group you will be emailed this newsletter as soon as it is produced.  Alternatively you can download a copy of the Sandy Point Community Group Newsletter here as a PDF file.

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The very first Sandy Point Newsletter, called “New Waves” was produced in March 1989. It was an A4 sheet of paper folded in two and handwritten on both sides, then photocopied and given away free to the about 80 permanent residents who lived then in Sandy Point.

It was the brainwave of and produced by Jude O’Sullivan and Sue Allen and is full of gossip, a funny quiz, as well as news of the many social activities coming up (even the monthly community group meetings were social events) and birthday congratulations and condolences.

Apparently Jude and Sue only produced this for a few editions and it was eventually replaced by a typed newsletter.

The current form of the newsletter, the Sandy Point News was started in Dec 2011 and was numbered Vol 11, Issue 3. We have now reached Vol 20, Issue 4, so the Sandy Point News has reached a significant anniversary – 20 years of local news. Congratulations to all the people involved in the production over the years, including Trish Beckhurst, Wendy White,  Joyce Crawford, Di Cooper, Sally Gibson and Di Cornwell.

March 1989 edition

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