Sandy Point Community Centre

The Sandy Point Community Centre and TP Taylor Reserve Committee ( the committee)   is a “Section 86” Special Committee of South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC). Section 86 refers to a section of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 which allows for Councils to delegate some of its functions, duties or powers under this or any other to a special committee.

The Committee is responsible for managing a council facility through a formalised agreement called an “Instrument of Delegation” For further information

TP Taylor Reserve consists of the Sandy Point Community Centre, Tennis Courts and the playground and are managed by  the Committee

Committee of Management

Nomination forms for  positions on the Committee of Management can be lodged with SGSC or at the AGM . The forms are then submitted to SGSC to be ratified by the CEO.


 NEXT MEETING Monday August 6th @ 7.30pm

Meetings for the Autumn / Winter –

September 3rd.

AGM Saturday 11th August 10am

Meetings are open to the public.

Any items relating to the Sandy Point Community Centre and T.P Taylor Reserve should be addressed to:-

The Committee,c/- Sandy Point General Store, Sandy Point, VIC 3959  

or email:


Easter Art Show

Indoor Bowls and Tennis Court Hire


Minutes AGM 23 Sept 2017

Minutes 4 June 2018

Minutes 9 April 2018

Strategic Plan 2014

Instrument of Delegation  - 2018

Map of  area forming the TP Taylor Reserve