Pick My Project is a Victorian State Government community grants initiative, with $30 million available to fund local community projects valued between $20,000 and $200,000. The initiative opened in May 2018 and winning projects will be announced in September 2018.You can find out more on their website: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/.

Communities have been asked to nominate projects seen as a priority within their community, so we recently conducted a mail out to members and also placed a notice on our website and our Facebook page asking for suggestions.

As a result of the community consultation 17 suggestions were made, with some duplication of projects. We have assessed the suggestions made against the Guidelines for submission and there are several projects we think we should go ahead with. Under the Guidelines for this project nominations must be made by individuals in the community, partnered by an incorporated body so we will be in touch with the proponents of these projects soon and help them with their submission.

Several projects were discarded from this current process as they do not comply with the Guidelines. For example, the Waratah Way was not included as it would cost more than the maximum grant available and could not be finished within the 12 month limit.

Some other ideas, such as seats and picnic tables along the Roy Henderson Trail were not included as they are being dealt with later this year by the Foreshore Committee.

The ideas submitted by community members we will putting forward for this initiative include:

1. The purchase and installation, in conjunction with Telstra, of a small cell repeater in the southern part of Sandy Point to improve mobile phone reception.

2. The construction of a toilet block at Ned Neale’s Lookout.

3. The installation of a viewing platform (similar to that at Ned Neale’s Lookout) on the main beach track.

4. The purchase of a high quality sound system for use in the Community Centre for musical events.

If you have any questions about this please contact the Sandy Point Community Group Committee via info@sandypoint.vic.au.

Other ideas we are still investigating with Council are the installation of a pathway alongside the road over the hill between Ryans Rise and Ennisvale Ave, and the installation of a toilet and BBQ in the old playpark on Beach Parade.

Pick My Project initiative

Projects must be nominated by 24 June and during July will be assessed against the guidelines and each project’s budget will also be reviewed. In July/August those projects that are thought to qualify will be announced and voting will then take place.

Winners will be announced in September 2018.

It is important for the success of projects that they receive broad support from our wider community. This is where your help is required; please register for voting now.

To vote, you’ll need to:

•    Be a Victorian resident

•    Be aged 16 and over

•    Live in the community you vote in.

•    Register for Pick My Project. This will require mobile phone verification so they can make sure they’re dealing with real people. If you don’t have a mobile, call the contact centre for assistance on 1800 797 818

Please also keep a watch on our website at sandypoint.vic.au and our Facebook page for more information about our success with this initiative.