Sandy Point Music Club

A group of interested residents have banded together to form a Sandy Point Music Club. Their aim is to enhance the village atmosphere of Sandy Point by organising regular events at the Community Centre.

The plan is to encompass different styles of music to cater for different ages and groups with the main focus on having social and fun evenings. This is very important in a community and Sandy Point is pretty well a perfect size to allow this to happen.

As a result of running such events, the club makes a small profit with the proceeds being donated to worthy causes with some local connection. Recent donations have gone to the South Gippsland Hospital, the Fish Creek Primary School music program and the Sandy Point Community Group, for projects such as the installation of a 24 hour defibrillator cabinet.

The Music Club would love to hear from people with ideas and “special requests” for future events. For more information please email

See also the Music Club’s Facebook page for future events and reviews

Upcoming Events

The Sandy Point Music Club will be taking a short break over winter but restarting in August/September. Keep an eye on this page to see who is coming to play next at Sandy Point.

Review of Claire Anne Taylor’s show

Saturday 4 May 2019

Review and photos by Donna Killeen

Grim Fawkner’s first strum set the scene for a commanding stage performance. His fancy guitar work playing one handed whilst tapping the guitar with the other was impressive. So was his masterful fretwork, his ability to make fast chord changes combined with a booming voice that took command of the room, which was a joy to see and hear.

Then there was the return of Claire Anne Taylor belting out heart felt folk numbers with her gutsy and syrupy voice accompanied by the double bass and drums to match her acoustic and electric guitar.

Claire could easily throw away the guitar and sing without music such is her extraordinary voice.

For the encore, Grim returned to the stage with Claire and her band to belt out a few more numbers, finishing with "Hit The Road Jack" which no-one knew all the words to so they hilariously made them up until someone in the audience whispered the words into Grim’s ear.

All in all a fun and entertaining night to round of the concert series while the SPMC takes a break over winter.