Shallow Inlet

At Sandy Point's eastern end, a sealed road through the Coastal and Marine Park takes you to Shallow Inlet, where the compacted sand allows you to drive your car onto the beach to park, launch your boat, rig your windsurfer or kite - or simply enjoy the scenery and activities on the water.

Spectacular views across Shallow Inlet and down to Wilsons Promontory can be enjoyed by walking along the Inlet or climbing the sand dunes. The Inlet can also be reached on foot or by bicycle, either along the surf beach and across the dunes or by using the Roy Henderson Trail, a well compacted track from the eastern end of the Sandy Point township through the bush to the Inlet.

There are toilet and barbecue facilities and plenty of safe places for the family to swim and play while you are enjoying the water.

Speed sailing records have been set here on several occasions, including Macquarie’s Innovation, which in 2009 broke the 50 knot speed barrier here.  You can watch it and other speed record attempts at Sandy Point on youtube.

Shallow Inlet also provides great fishing, both in the inlet and out through the entrance in Waratah Bay itself.