Sandy Point and the NBN

The Community Group has been lobbying for several years for a fibre to the node connection into the NBN network from Sandy Point and it will become available from late July 2017.

You will then have eighteen months in which to change over to the new system. After that time the old copper system will be disconnected so even if you don’t want an internet connection but just to keep your home phone connected you will need to get an NBN compatible modem. You should discuss this with your current service provider.

Those people who have Medi-Alert devices will need to check with their suppliers to ensure that what they are using is going to be compatible with the new system.

If you don’t understand how the NBN works and how it will affect you, a good starting point would be to go to the NBN’s own website. They have a range of information which will tell you all you need to know about how the NBN works and also provides a useful list of internet providers who will cover Sandy Point.

Topics covered on the NBN website include:

 Choosing a plan with the right speed on the NBN network

 NBN Technology. What you need to know

 Learn how the NBN network gets to you

 Factors that can affect your internet experience

 Do you rely on your landline for communication?

 What happens in a power blackout?

 Are my connected devices compatible?

 What is network congestion?

So where do you go from here?  

You can already start planning for your move to the NBN network by contacting a phone or internet provider to discuss plans and pricing. A list of all service providers offering plans over the NBN network for Sandy Point can be found on their website,.

Remember, when choosing a plan over the NBN network from your service provider, be sure to ask about the average speeds you are likely to experience during peak times. Your speeds are determined by your provider and the plan you choose, and will also vary depending on things like their network capacity, your equipment, time of day and your location relative to a node cabinet.

I’m sure we all remember the excitement of the promised improvement in mobile services offered by the new tower so let’s hope the NBN delivers!