Sandy Point Community Plan

What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan is a list of projects and initiatives that people in a community have identified as important. Having a Community Plan gives a community some strong advantages:

   It identifies and communicates to the community the preferred future for the community

    It indicates clearly to potential future funding bodies that the community has come together to identify the projects that are important to them

   It illustrates to South Gippsland Shire Council the cohesion of community projects and potential partnerships on activities

The Sandy Point community was invited to be part of the initial community planning process in 2014 with a variety of opportunities to have their say, and there were many ideas put forward which were collated into the Community Plan. The plan has been updated several times, most recently at a community meeting in July 2017.

Who is responsible for the Plan?

The Community Plan is owned by all of the community in Sandy Point. The Sandy Point Community Group ‘holds’ the plan and helps to coordinate plan reviews and updates and share information. For any project to develop and grow it needs people to champion it, to advocate and to drive it!

The success of any Community Plan largely depends on support and participation from within its community. The more engagement and participation from the community the more the plan will broadly represent the aspirations and vision of the wider community.  Those projects that have greater support are often the projects that are more easily achieved.  

2017 Community Plan

This document represents a review of the Sandy Point Community Plan that was first compiled in 2014 and has been updated several times since.

Download a copy of the 2017 Community Plan

2017 Community Planning Survey

In October South Gippsland Shire Council mailed out the latest Community Plan, updated in July 2017, to all Sandy Point ratepayers along with a short survey about the plan, asking for people’s opinions and ideas about Sandy Point.

The survey could be mailed in or completed online and had to be received by 2 December.

85 responses were received with some very interesting and varied ideas that have now been collated and a report prepared.

The full survey results were presented at a Community Planning Meeting t held on Sunday 21 January. Barbara Look, Community Strengthening Officer from South Gippsland Shire Council, chaired the meeting and will work with us to incorporate the survey results into the existing Community Plan.

Download a copy of the survey results