As a result of a strong desire expressed over many years by the younger members of our community to have a skate park at Sandy Point, the Sandy Point Community Group (SPCG) has been seeking a grant to allow us to undertake a feasibility and concept design report. This will help us to determine the level of support, site options and overall viability for a skate park.

Sadly, we have just heard (Dec 2020) that our application to Council for funding to conduct a Sandy Point Skate Park Feasibility and Concept Design has been unsuccessful. Whilst this is obviously disappointing considering the amount of work our Projects Coordinator, Michelle Jelliff, has put into this application, we not giving up on it. With the increasing number of people coming to live in Sandy Point and to holiday here over summer we believe it is really important to have more recreational facilities for the younger section of the community. Michelle has told me she will be liaising with the Council in the New Year about what alternatives there are for funding this project. We will keep you informed of our progress on this issue.


SPCG is committed to support all members of our community and understands how important it is for young people to feel recognised, respected and included in the decisions that impact their community. It is our hope that in the case of a feasibility and concept design for a skate park, this demonstrates a commitment by the Group to exploring opportunities to provide recreational facilities that are accessible and safe for our young people.

Skate Park Proposal