A small skate park in Sandy Point is a strategic priority for SPCG. With the increasing number of people coming to live in Sandy Point and to holiday here over summer we believe it is really important to have more recreational facilities for the younger members of our community. 

SPCG is committed to support all members of our community and understands how important it is for young people to feel recognised, respected and included in the decisions that impact their community. To demonstrate the Group’s commitment to exploring opportunities to provide recreational facilities that are accessible and safe for our young people, SPCG is seeking a grant to undertake a feasibility and concept design plan. This will help to determine the level of support, site options and overall viability for a skate park.

At present a range of funding opportunities are being sought, including grants, private donations and pro bono expertise in order to progress a feasibility study and concept designs to present to Council for approval.

 Contact: Michelle Jelliff projects@sandypoint.vic.au


Skate Park Proposal